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Who We Are

NanoShine are a manufacturer of industrial coatings for all surfaces, originally devoted to the industrial coating industry specialising in coatings for constructions, industrial and household use.

In 2010 the Ceramic Pro range was started with a series of protective coatings suited for Automotive, Air and Marine surfaces such as Paint, Glass, Alloy, Fabric, Leather, Plastic and Rubber.

Ceramic Pro coatings are a unique ceramic molecular compound formula (nano-ceramics), with new formulas always under testing to make them the most advanced protective coatings on the market.

Our History


NanoShine released the Ceramic Pro range of protective coatings for Automotive, Marine and Air.


Official SGS Certification of Ceramic Pro Products.

Ceramic Pro Strong (Industrial) contracted with Russian Military Aircraft Manufacturer and Oil Pipe Lines.


Release of Ceramic Pro Textile (Super-Hydrophobic Textile Coating).

Partnership with ecurie25 - The World's Largest Exotic Supercar Collection.


Ceramic Pro on display at Top Gear Festival Australia with a new Lamborghini Performante.

Release of the new 9H Permanent Coating.


Release of Latest Generation Ceramic Pro 9H Coating.


Release of New Product - Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper Coating.

Ceramic Pro Millionaire Club (high end detailing and coating shops) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Yekaterinburg, Russia


Release of New Product - Ceramic Pro Marine.

Ceramic Pro Marine certified by the International Maritime Organization.

Expanded network to 51 Countries.


Release of Latest Generation Ceramic Pro 9H, Light and Rain Coating.

Epanded network to 70 countries.

Why Choose Ceramic Pro

Advanced Nano-Ceramic Protective Coatings

The Ceramic Pro range are formulated by a qualified chemist with a high level of experience in the industrial protective coating field, Ceramic Pro has been specifically formulated for Automotive substrates and is always undergoing extensive testing for new and improved versions to take the coating industry to new levels.


Ceramic Pro are trusted by Carlsson, and also ecurie25 in Australia to protect their $8+ million dollar Exotic Supercar Collection.

The Ceramic Pro 9H Permanent Paint Protection coating is an "Above 9H" rated coating with superior Chemical Resistance, Super-Hydrophobic Effect, UV Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Temperature Resistance and Corrosion Resistance.

Ceramic Pro has been tested & certified by "SGS" -

SGS are the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

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